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People complaining about RPing on an RP server?

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It's officially the unofficial in these cases.

Any time someone says some place is the official ____, people immediately think it's required. So we avoid it. We don't want anyone thinking RP is required on Ever, or PvP is required on Indom. Enforced RP servers from my experience in other games just take the fun out anyway with excessive rules.

There are a good number of people on Everlasting that do not RP, but enjoy seeing the detailed character bios of RPer.

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It's already officially recognized as Unofficial:



Having something on the Shard Selection screen which references this could be helpful.  But, as the story goes, modifying GUI elements isn't a simple affair.  It doesn't seem to be in the realm of this Dev Team's priorities.



As to the original topic; it sounds somewhat related to https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/31380-new-chat-channel-so-we-can-finally-use-our-indoor-voices-for-rp/

Perhaps an alternative would be a new chat channel that has a 25' range like Local, but dedicated for roleplay.  Then folks who don't like roleplay at all can remove that channel from their Tabs AND roleplayers who want more intimate space for public scenes get what they're looking for.

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