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MinotaursDen-19096 Excelsior Server

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Just wanted to say I just came back to COH just a few days ago after being off since the original shutdown.  Found out how much they revamped bases.  After some thinking I want to make a Minotaur's Labyrinth Base.  Mainly for fun and games.  I'll have a certain area blocked off to take screenshots to put on here for when you "Complete the Labyrinth".    It will be a long process but now that I understand how to do the inside/outside it is coming along.   Just got the framework done.  Grass floor ( ya its not perfect and you can see some holes here and there but its my first build.  The videos wasn't kidding about that part being very time consuming to get it just right).  The outer wall is finished.


It will be 2 levels (depending on how difficult or popular this gets I may add more levels of fun).  You will start at the top.  Enjoy the sites and enter a Tp to go to the second level which will be totally enclosed.  Once you get to the appropriate TP it will tp you to the winner's circle(again will be totally blocked off).  Hopefully we can get some screen shots of all who completed it and I will make sure there will be a Tp back to the base portal.   Don't forget if you do get lost or give up remember the /stuck commend to go back to the base portal.


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A little update.  The labyrinth is coming along nicely.  Should be done with it in a few days then off to work on the Main sightseeing and Winner's Area.  Here is a sneak peak at the labyrinth.  Don't want to spoil all my secrets.  Still not sure on coloring for the letters.  Any suggestions?


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Heres some more screenshots.  No I'm not showing you the labyrinth. 😉   The one with the 4 broken walls is the starting point of the Labyrinth. All broken walls are considered a path.  Will it be the right path?  Guess you will have to find out when its completed. Also made a Doctor Who reference.  Labyrinth is just about finished.  Should be enclosing it shortly.  The man fishing and his partner(woman with scroll) are the ones who summoning the Minotaur and shadow demons.  The  mushroom portals are the portals to jump to another area or exit.











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OK Everyone.  Minotaurs Den is now ACTIVE.   Still alot more work to be done but labyrinth and Winner's circle is fully enclosed and ready for heroes and villians to try their luck and getting through it.




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