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Game Master Applications


We are also always on the lookout for new Game Masters to join our team. Game Masters, at their core, are player support. Their role is to enforce the Code of Conduct and policies set in place by the Homecoming Team! A Game Master is NOT part of the development team (At present we’re not recruiting additional resources for the development team, but we do hope to open this up Soon™. Please keep an eye on future announcements and we’ll let you know when this changes!). They do not control what is being worked on behind the scenes. If you're the kind of person that is always checking help-chat or the one people turn to for questions, this may be a great role for you!




What we're looking for:

  • Friendly/helpful players
  • Players that can speak at least one language on top of being fluent in English (specifically we’re looking for French, Spanish and German)
  • Mac OS and Linux experts
  • Players that are available outside of peak US hours
  • Players with an in-depth knowledge of the game, common problems (and solutions) as well as troubleshooting techniques
  • Knowledge/awareness of the Code of Conduct
  • Professional demeanor
  • Team oriented
  • Loves the game and wants to be more involved
  • Patient and enjoys helping others
  • Active/Time - The team is entirely volunteer based. We are appreciative of anyone willing to help out, but we request you have the available free time to do so and be active in the team! 


Game Master Role

  • Reports to Lead Game Masters/Homecoming Team
  • Essentially helps to 'run' the game
  • Player Support - We assist players with a variety of tasks. Being able to assist in any of these areas is an asset. 
    • Answering support request tickets (stuck missions, stuck NPCs, Code of Conduct Violations, etc)
    • Helping players with game-related technical difficulties
  • Communicates well with players and is able to de-escalate situations
  • Anonymity - We volunteer because we love to play the game and help the community. We request our GMs keep their personal game identities/GM identities separate which allows us to discipline when necessary but still enjoy playing the game.


If you're interested, please fill out the application in the link above OR contact any Lead Game Master for any additional questions!

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"We need Widower. He's a drop of sanity in a bowl of chaos - very important." - Cipher
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I previously applied for a Game Master position, but never heard back! Did you reject me?


Not necessarily. We only review applications periodically, so if you've submitted a GM application in the past 5-6 months, we probably have not reviewed your application yet. If you have already submitted an application, there is no need to submit again. We will not contact you if your application has been rejected. If you wish to withdraw your application, PM me. 


I previously applied for a Community Helper position, but you've removed the application from this post! What is going on?


The Community Helper program is still undergoing finalization. We will still consider all submitted applications, please do not resubmit. Look out for information on this front Soon™.


Is there anything specific you are looking for at this time?


At this time (October 2021), we are particularly interested in GMs who are fluent in French and/or live in European or Asia-Pacific timezones. Other applications will be considered, but may be deferred to a later date.


I have a question not listed here!


Please either PM any of the Lead GMs on the forums or on Discord.

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"We need Widower. He's a drop of sanity in a bowl of chaos - very important." - Cipher
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