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Darkest Dungeon II

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Perhaps antithetical to City of Heroes, the first Darkest Dungeon game is a grim masterpiece, and a game which I feel deserves a lot of the praise it receives.

If you like Mike Mignola's artistic style, or really challenging games, or DEEP BARITONE VOICES ASSERTING VERBOSE BUT SULLEN NARRATION OF YOUR ACTIONS ... then Darkest Dungeon is certainly worth a try.


However, this thread isn't about Darkest Dungeon; it's about the sequel!  Just now I learnt about it, and it looks absolutely fantastic!  The new gameplay and art are very compelling to me, and I really -really- like how relationships between the player's characters is now taking a more significant role in the core gameplay.

About the only thing I'm feeling tepid regarding is the exclusivity with Epic during the early access period.  I really hope the game will be released without the need for third party distributors, but those kinds of wishes are becoming quite unlikely these days.  If it ends up getting released on Itch.IO, then I'll snap it up in a heartbeat.  If on GOG . . . I'll give it some serious thought.  If it's only going to be on Epic and Steam?  As much as I want the game, forget it.  Not worth it.


And, hey!

Here's hoping that some of the Homecoming Devs get around to checking the game out (and the original too).  There's plenty of inspiration to be found in exploring the methods which the Red Hook team articulate their ludonarrative abstractions.

In simpler terms:  "Using the game rules to reinforce the point of the game's story's themes and tone, rather than having the gameplay and story being divorced." 

I really think there's a lot of room for improvement and experimentation here in that department.

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Super excited. DD is one of my all time favourite games and such a darkly shining gem in both gameplay and narrative design. I'd be happy even if we just got more of the same, but I#m glad that they're shaking up the formula and taking it in new directions. I'm trying to avoid as much news as I can to be honest, because I want to go in as blind as possible. Let the madness take me!

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I tried to get into the first one, bought all the DLC's and put about 30 hours into it but it just never grabbed me.  When I realized I was making myself play it I decided to stop.


Might check out the 2nd one but the backlog of games I already don't have time to play is ridiculous.  

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