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Halloween Giveaway-Thanks, it was GREAT!!


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The Halloween Giveaway was, by all reports I've gotten back, a huge success. ALL the servers participated, a fact I am very proud of and very happy about! I want to thank all the AMAZING BASE HOSTS!! Give them a round of applause!! All of them invested time and great effort into presenting their awesome bases and dedicating time to stay there and hand out treats to guests. They did this with no promise of anything besides being able to hand out treats! These leaders are:

@BBBadger, The Last Judgment, Everlasting - 4 hours

@EnnVee, Mischief Manor, Excelsior - 12 hours

@Dr. Feedback, Future Dead, Excelsior, 4 hours

@GoblinBoss, base host, together with @SuggestorK, Halloween Hall, Reunion - 3.5 hours

@KingofMonkeys, Nightcastle, Torchbearer - 4 hours

@Etched, base host, and @TraumaTrain, active host, Slackers, Indomitable -6 hours


Total attendance overall is higher than I had expected! It is notoriously difficult to get people into bases on any server other than Everlasting, and together, we got hundreds of people to come into these bases from these shards! They saw things they were impressed with, things they may not have seen before, and they got fantastic treats.  Good will was built all around.


I hope everyone involved is proud of the effort they put in, and what was accomplished.


    And I need to call out my crew!! Oh, how blessed I was to find such a fantastic group of people! I hope I don't miss anyone here.  From the person who first came up with the Halloween Extravaganza idea, who prefers to remain Anonymous, who funded it last  year and continued to fund it this year, to every last wonderful person who came through my base, you all have a dear place in my heart. So my call out list (forgive for those whose forum names I do not know):
    My sponsors! These people contributed various amounts of influence and/or IOs:

  •   @Stryk,  a huge, generous donor
  •   @Ignis Volant
  • @Rugor
  •    @Bran
  • @Marine X

    Then, a group who went way above and beyond simply donating!!!
    The fabulous @BlackHearted, who, with her friends and associates, donated over half of all the funds we used. AND, she joined the supergroup so she could promote it while doing her many events, AND, she would park BlackHearted in the base while she was afk as part of a scene, AND kept some of our afk characters logged in!  Such a huge supporter! ❤️
    Wonderful @DawL, super kind and generous, kept pushing influence and IOs on me every time I turned around, AND helped populate the base, as well as RP and occasionally, help lost souls find their way back.
    Big hearted @IIIXJokerXIII, who not only contributed generously, but also gave of his time and expertise, and designed the much loathed/loved Killer Clown, and showed us how to play him.
     @EnnVee. Man, this woman, she farmed her heart out to supply the treats for her 12 hour stint on Excelsior; I gave her some supplemental funds, but she basically had it covered, and she put her heart into her base! She managed to attract pretty close to 200, unheard of for a base on Excelsior.
    Dr. Feedback, who also had a base open on Excelsior, who not only staffed his base but also contributed to the overall effort, and also had a really successful run.
   @rookery. contributed, but also helped with scare acting!


@GENI,aka Dallas, who helped me with promotional posters and advice. @Conventus, who helped with promotion on Twitch, @Nightfall Raven, who streamed music on many nights. @Ellyz, whose amazing costuming skills brought us gems like Lost Girl and the Hell Spiderlings, and she even helped with some of the scares!  Thank you all!!


My scare actors!! Oh, how they improved the whole experience for visitors!! If you went through the house without them, I'm so sorry, because you really missed something special. I had an early crew, helped us get things off the ground, set the bar for everyone who came after: Some got sick, some couldn't continue due to other reasons, but all were so very welcome and great to work with!

@aalyasenai,@amph,  @Arklide, @betsumei , @ChaosGirl, @choochus, @Gillbombs, @Inq Blot, @juliantwopointoh (Discord handle),   @Thurgon, @Mystical Bovine, @Sirena, @Texas Jane, @Wravis, @xxshadowcat95, and my awesome GM participants, @GM Sparky, @GM Willow, @GM Kal, @GM Impervium...you all made it rock so hard, it was SO MUCH FUN, and a big part of that is because of you!


I can't express thanks without thanking the main reason my base is so much fun, and that is the RP crowd on Everlasting!! You all, you just don't know how much more fun it is to work with people who react and lean into what's going on, rather than running through, never slowing or looking around. Thank you! You all are AWESOME


And finally, the biggest shout out to my right hand people: @VV and the amazingly creatively awesome @Easter Bunny!!!!

@Easterbunny sparked several ideas used in the base, such as the twist that the door that used to lead out from the black house path last year, THIS year, tempts you into a hole that leads to the carnival. He encouraged me that the fall I had accidentally created in the fire zone wasn't too much to keep, and so, the little ride into Hell was born. Heads instead of balloons? Yeah, I'm not shy about using a great idea when I hear it. And then, all the afk character ideas, and then the PRODUCTION of all of those afk characters and most of the scare characters. He collaborated with @Ellyzto make the demon clown  and the Lost Girl, AND he helped with scare acting as much as he possibly could!  @VVwas so helpful in her organization, and she was just there so much of the time, doing things that needed to be done. Just even knowing she was there to help was such a relief I can't even express how important, and she was typically perched on a scare Spiderling, participating in the scares.


As you can see from this huge list, it was something that required a lot of participation from a lot of people!! Thank you all so very much.  There were a few glitches, yes. We learned several things! I learned that accessing storage during haunting time is not a good idea (flickers even on a good day, crashes if you did it too fast, sorry about that!). Next year's event will probably trim down the live actors to just the week of, to cut down on burnout from everyone. Pretty sure no one wants to hear another promo for the Witch's House for a while! That was certainly made clear to @EnnVee on Excelsior regarding her promos; she was only allowed to post once per hour, and I'm sure a lot of people missed out because they didn't hear about it.  I probably need to have some guidelines for base layout for all the participants, because some players want or need a straight line to the treats, extra experiences in the base not desired. And, the base on Torchbearer had some problems keeping to their posted hours. I think overall, it still went really well, and lessons learned will definitely help next year, and, there is now a growing awareness of this event, so promotion will be easier next year.


Let me know if you are interested in being a coordinator for your shard for next year's Giveaway. All the materials are in place, so it will be pretty easy, and it would be nice to only have to coordinate what is going on at my own base. You don't even have to have a base, just be someone who likes to coordinate and help others. ❤️


<3<3 Dacy <3<3


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Thanks so much for doing this. Had fun running through with several toons. Baroness Nemesis wanted to let you know that she really enjoyed the pool / hot tub area and that you can keep the horse. She got a new one.




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I thank you for the incredible cat-herding marathon this must have been.


I dropped in (usually as a namesake) and tried to hit each server, and was blown away by the base designs and personable hospitality in each and every base. Just tremendous fun, thank you all!


And the treats were over the top!


Thanks to all for this, it made a gloomy Sunday Halloween more enjoyable than I had imagined!


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