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Focused Feedback: Electrical Blast Revamp


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3 hours ago, Naraka said:

So Shocked is like the Mana-burned pitch I put out a while back? I'm pretty sure other posters had similar ideas though.


Concerned simply upping the damage might end up screwing balance even more but at least elec blast needed it. If anything, is probably go a tad bit more radical with it and make the set kind of 2-mode style where you have the END efficient mode with decent AoE/ static build and jump procs while you have voltaic sentinel toggled then the "Mana-burned" Shock damage procs mode is when voltaic sentinel is off and your single target blasts are proccing lots of damage, doesn't return END and actually costs you more END in the long run.


FYI, haven't logged in to try it out, just commenting on the notes seeming like a big buff without a cost attached.

having played it a lot now on 4 different ATs, in total it is a moderate buff, not an enormous one. Feels very good.

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On 1/21/2022 at 1:50 PM, Crasical said:


These changes have been live for almost two months.

Yeah well anyone that keeps up with their other MMOs because of the limited time seasonals + irl holidays might just be checking in on what's new.

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