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Dream power set should be added


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Back in 2006 a game called Titan Quest was released with an expansion called, "Immortal Throne" coming out the next year. This introduced a new amazing power set called, "Dream." The graphics of this set were amazing for a game over 15 years old. The description is as follows:


Drawing power from the dream world, the seer uses sheer force of will to dominate the battlefield. The arcane workings of the psyche, time and reality itself are all playthings for those who have mastered the secrets of the mind.


There were several amazing skill unlocks which can be read on their websites, but I think that a skill set of this magnitude should be brought from a scrolling third person game to an open world such as City of Heroes.


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Time Manipulation

Force Field

Illusion Control

Gravity Control

Energy Blast

Mind Control

Psychic Blast

Psychic Assault

Energy Manipulation

Energy Assault

Temporal Manipulation


...did I miss anything?

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A Dream Mastermind Set could be rather interesting, @Diantane.

Mastermind Sets tend to be the most standardized of all, so here's a framework you may be able to expand upon with your idea:


Tier 1  -  Quick Recharge, Low Damage Single Target Blast

Tier 2  -  One to Three Minion-Rank HenchPets

Tier 3  -  Moderate Recharge, Moderate Damage Single Target Blast

Tier 4  -  Basic HenchPet Upgrade Power

Tier 5  -  One to Two Lieutenant-Rank HenchPets

Tier 6  -  AoE Blast (or Unique Blast, such as Necromancy's Drain Life)

Tier 7  -  Unique Signature Power

Tier 8  -  One Boss-Rank HenchPet

Tier 9  -  Advanced HenchPet Upgrade Power


If you would like any additional help fleshing this out, let me know.  I'm happy to assist with New Set design.

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