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Hunting locations for i27-3 badges


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TL;DR: If you are checking all your alts for the magic bugged radio mission with incarnate cimeroran traitors, I think this is what you should look for. Good luck, badgers!


Long explanation: I spent some time getting new radio missions in PI and came across one called "Get Neural scrambler from the Arachnos". The mission objective is "Get the neural scrambler" which I think is the same objective in the bugged radio mission I joined. I believe the mission entrance location is also the same, however the interior map was a different cave/mine layout than the mission I joined to farm incarnate cimerorans. The interior villains in this newly accepted radio mission were Arachnos as advertised. I THINK this is the mission that is filled with incarnate cimeroran traitors for those lucky few who accepted the mission before the last batch of badges were introduced. 







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