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The Paragon Guard - A Tribute to the Diehard CoH Community!

Game Changer

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Group Name: The Paragon Guard 
Alignment: Blueside and Redside Content
Roleplay: Roleplay is welcome - More members would open up opportunities!
Discord:  https://discord.gg/n32NEVGfDg
Recruitment Officer: @The Game Changer
About The Supergroup: 


The Paragon Guard is a Tribute to all who enjoy the game. We aim to hold Weekly TF runs, Costume Contests, Architect Entertainment (AE) Mission Arc Story Contests (A new idea I'd like to try once established enough), Roleplay friendly grouping, PUGs and Friendly Casual Teaming. Overall, we want to be another option for those who join the Homecoming Community and the Discord Community. We're not looking to be Build Competitive or Strictly Farming/Endgame focused. We're here to add to the Family, to our Home for heroics (and villainy)! Please consider joining! Please Contact me via Discord - @The Game Changer and In-game on Torchbearer @The Game Changer.


I am currently looking for help from anyone willing to Co-Lead, Recruit, and Base Build. Please PM me if you are interested and willing! Thank you! 

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