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Bug: Two Twinshots in "Meet the Gang" mission


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Was doing the mission as normal. When the on-screen mission dialogue appeared after meeting Dillo, Twinshot ran up to me and followed me back to the entrance to trigger the final part of the mission.

When I started attacking the Arachnos, another Twinshot showed up and started attacking the same mobs as the first Twinshot. After the mission completed, the first Twinshot started following me around, attached as if an escort.


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Yeah happens to me every time, but since it dont be worse then that there are 2 of em... mission can be completed normally so i sorta ignored it all the time (since i joined HC 2019.


Think it dates even back to live now i start thinking over it.

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On 11/29/2021 at 8:05 PM, ForeverLaxx said:

This happens all the time if you run through very quickly


It never happened to me back in the live server. Maybe I was too slow. Yesterday, I sprinted as fast as I could, and it worked. Thanks for the tip.



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