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A P2W Store Primer

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4 hours ago, Mansome said:

How do you claim the Powers if you have the badges? I recently teamed with a really bad team on the itf and got like 3 debt badges doing that.

Just go to the P2W store to where you would buy the power, like usual, and it should charge you 0 inf since you have the appropriate badge.

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6 hours ago, Kistulot said:

Wanted to add something I find valuable: envenomed daggers.

Fighting an EB/AV and your damage just isnt beating out their regeneration?

Envenomed daggers are what you WANT. They're not too pricey, either. Never leave home without them!

Good thought. I'll fix it.

If you liked what I had to say, please check out my City of Heroes guides!

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Just in case you are interested, here are some corrections and add-ons you may want to consider for your guide. Much of the details can be found in my movement guide, but I will also provide you some findings I did not include in the guide.


Correction: Twice you made mention to the speed of "a well slotted Fly", however Fly is already capped at its max speed of 58.63 mph as soon as you get it (no enhancements required; even if exemplared to level 2, it's capped). *Note, this is assuming no afterburner*


Non-Combat Fly Powers: They are actually faster than Fly because they come with a built in Afterburner (which adds 14.32 mph to the max fly speed). Although these fly powers turn off all your powers (including inherent powers like Swift and buffs like Base Empowerment or Secondary Mutation), it still adds 43.97 mph to your base fly speed, giving you 65.45 mph (11.6% faster than Fly).


Another neat thing about these Non-Combat Fly Powers, they still recognize Set Bonuses. So all of the Movement Speed bonuses (like the ones you get for slotting Performance Shifter) will add to this fly total. So with the built in Afterburner you can cap your fly speed at 72.95 mph (58.63+14.32) with just the power and set bonuses. You also can still receive outside buffs, so if you (or somebody else) casts a +Special effect like Power Boost or Clarion Radial, your Flight Speed and your built in Afterburner will be boosted by the +Strength to Fly Speed, which will allow you to temporarily cap your fly speed at the super-fly cap of 87.95 mph.


Non-Combat Shapeshift: Similar to what was mentioned above, outside buffs like Power Boost or Clarion Radial will boost your run speed, and set bonuses will still add to your run and jump speed.


Jump Packs: You mentioned they have a 30 second duration, but they also have a base recharge of 30 seconds that can be reduced with global recharge bonuses. So having both Jump Pack and Steam Jump can allow you to toggle between them for permanent Jump Pack effects. 


However, the most important thing about Jump Packs was not mentioned which is they provide a +300% Strength to Fly (listed as +273%, but it's +300%). This is the equivalent of putting a +300% Fly enhancement into your Swift, your Hover, your Afterburner, etc. It is also the max any power can be enhanced, so don't waste the use of using a Fly IO in these powers if you're also using Jump Pack (they will already be capped).


With just Hover and Jet Pack active, you will be capped at your 58.63 mph fly speed. Honestly, this might be the strongest power P2W has to offer (if you plan to use any form of flight).


Jet Packs: You are correct that these are not as fast as Fly, as they will only add 29.32 mph to your fly speed (at level 50). With an unenhanced Swift, this puts your Fly Speed total to 53.73 mph. If you use Jump Pack with Jet Pack, you will easily reach the max fly speed of 58.63 mph. The nice thing with using a Jet Pack instead of Fly is the endurance cost (0.195 end/sec vs. 0.455 end/sec).


If you have Afterburner, then the use of a Jump Pack with a Jet Pack will allow you to hit the absolute max fly speed of 87.95 mph. I bring this up because it allows for someone to design a build where they can reach the capped super-fly speed of 87.95 mph without taking Fly. Instead they can take Air Superiority, Hover, and Afterburner.

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