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Bugged Nemesis Invasion in KR


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I just participated in a Nemesis invasion in King's Row. It attracted quite a few players, so Nemesis made his pledge to attack personally in the Event channel, and then never actually appeared. The event ended without his 'Fools, you only defeated one of my Robotic Replicas!' quip.


Of course, the player force was gathered on the street in front of the Police Headquarters, and the Nemesis enemies were appearing just off to the North East of the players... just like all invasions.


I haven't looked at the source code, but I assume that this is either a simple case of invasion enemies calculating their entrance point by adding a few negative feet in both axes to player locations or a slight rounding bias where the enemies appear *at* the player locations, but rounded down to a whole integer coordinate.


Regardless, that's not a major issue. I've seen it in other games.


What is an issue is that apparently the event enemies tend to despawn if there's a significant gap between their location and the ground. This happens in Talos when zombies or rikti try to start spawning on the police station or other buildings NE of the 'Last Line' hill, and it happens at this location as well, looking down into the 'Wentworth's History Buff' area.


This time, our Nemesis Giant Monster was subject to this bug, and nobody in the league got the badge for him. Happily, there will be other opportunities to fight him thanks to the new event trigger.


It seems like the 'right' behavior for NPCs who spawn in mid air would be to drop down without damage, and then leap back up to attack the players, or be given a few seconds worth of hover, like teleporting players, so that they can agro the players.


At the same time, you might wanna look at that invasion spawn-in code and look for a floor() or round() or the like, since the NE creep in invasions is a big general annoyance. It's SOO easy to push an Peregrine invasion right into Castle's police drones.



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Had he same issue in Everlasing at Steel Canyon. The message "[Nemesis] Imbeciles! I shall pacify Steel Canyon myself!" showed up and the red dot at the zone map that appears when GM Nemesis spawn was outside the zone map. Asked for help to GM Korvin (bug report #34886) and he reported finding nothing at the red dot location. The event was over before we could investigate any further.

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