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Environmental Damage IO sets


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I had an idea for a few IO sets based on environmental damage, which for most practical purposes would focus on falling damage.


The idea with these sets is that they feature a proc which increases the environmental damage (including falling) an enemy target takes for something like 30 seconds or so.


The sets:


"Let me show you the world".  Teleport set.  Stick it on teleport other and teleport enemies up into the air, for instance up to the ledge of a building and kick em off.  Bonus points if you can knock em into a fire down below.


Which leads to a knockback set, "The Defenestrator".  Works well when fighting near ledges.  A Faultliner's favorite.


And perhaps even some cc sets.  "Freeze, Scumbag!"  Works on most mez powers, keeps the enemy from moving out of the area.  Very situational since it'd require you to time it so that the target was in the damage zone of an environmental effect, or move them there first.  Not sure how useful this might be, but included for consideration.


Perhaps there is more that could be done with this as well, I'm curious to know what others think of these.


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