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Lady Blue

Goliath War Walker -- Giant Monster --War Machine Badge.

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So earlier today I saw a little blurb go by in the chat window.  Something along the lines of ALERT! War Walkers have been spotted in Boomtown!


Needless to say, I was intrigued.  I went to Boomtown and checked it out.  There was a group that had already started the event and spawned the monster.  I joined in and later on, doing it with another character I got the details of how to do this.




Over by the Council Base map point and the Sewer Network entrance in the far Southwest corner of Boomtown there's a large square shaped pit.  If the event is running, you will see groups of Council troops in formation with War Walker bosses.  An event window (much like the one for the Clocky Pally) will appear on your screen.  Unlike the one for the Pally, this one works just fine.  It will tell you that 20 War Walkers are needed to be destroyed.  There's even a little "i" button that if you click will tell you straight up that killing the War Walkers will spawn a Goliath War Walker.  The Goliath War Walker spawns at the very bottom of the pit (there's a ramp system that will allow the GWW to walk up to the surface if needed).


Key points, There's like up to 8 or 9 War Walkers spawned at any one time.  You have to get all the troops surrounding the War Walker in addition for them to respawn, otherwise you won't get the 20 you need to get the big guy to come out to play.


You can do this on hard mode and get a bunch of people and knock the thing down like pretty much every other Giant Monster fight, or you can do it the easier way.  Just to the South of the pit under a roof is a Force Field Generator.  Kill that thing (it likes to stun people attacking it) and the GWW's insane regeneration rate goes away and a standard sized team can take him down.


So that's what I know for now.  I'll add more if I find out anything different.  Or, edit it to reflect what other people find out and post here.  War Machine is a pretty cool badge title and would definitely be a good fit for a lot of toons out there.  So, good luck and I hope to see you in game!

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