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Takedown Artist Badge not offered


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A level 30 character that started as a praetorian and still hasn't gone through the Rift to choose Hero or Villain. This is a "Crawl Team", where we endeavor to do all the gold side content. After running the two winter event missions in Pocket D, we opted to tackle the three Praetorian zone events. 

The second one, in Imperial City requires us to clobber some Syndicate, take down 3 named bosses and then a final boss. At the completion of the event, some got the Takedown Artist badge, and some did not. The ones that got it were not Praetorian. The two that didn't were Praetorian. I had thought this was a Praetorian badge, but Hero/vig/rogue/villains could get it. 

In any event, my character didn't get the badge, so I opted for No Reward, as the badge was the only reason to do it. 

Seems like a bug to me. 



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