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You slowly open your eyes. At first, things seem quite bright, but as your eyes adjust, you notice white all around you. You make out what seems to appear white snowy mounds and hills, even some trees guarding around you. You find yourself in a tundra wonderland.


You notice different objects around you, broken parts of what appears to be a crashed airplane. You remember now. You were in an airplane flying to your destination, when all of a sudden the turbulence was too much and the plane could not handle it.


Before you gather your thoughts together, something in the distance catches your eye. A house. A run-down type of house, but you notice a faint glow of what appears to be a light in the windows. It is cold outside, very cold. You can feel your body becoming numb. What choice do you have? You make your way to the house. An inner chill fills up through your body as you make your way towards the house....on one hand you know you need to reach the house for your own survival....on the other hand.....you can't help the deep sense of inner-warning as you make your way towards a dwelling that seems more oddly peculiar and sinister the closer you get to it.


Welcome to the haunted House of Krampus! This is a series of games I hosted on other chat forums, all which had great success. :}

I decided to bring this to my CoH family as well. Was hoping to post this on the main channel for more views, but I noticed it was for CoH-content only. Hopefully this will catch enough attention in this section.


I'm only hosting 3 spots for this game, usually I will do 5, but had to start this game late due to some RL busyness.


House Guests (victims)


This game is limited to 3 players total (one at a time). Each player (house guest) will go through different scenarios (up to total of 10 per player), making choices and trying to survive through Krampus's house!

[2]- I will NOT RESERVE SPOTS. After the current player is done, the first person to respond to claim next spot will get it. No holding or claiming of spots.


[3] If a player does not respond within 72 hrs of the posted scenario, that individually automatically forfeits their play in the game and their participation reward. The spot will be open to a next available player. The player who forfeited their play is not allowed to re-participate in the current game's play (but is allowed in future versions of the game series if they choose).


[4]- For each player who successfully participates in this game (w/o breaking rule #3), they will get a participation prize of 25m sent to their in-game email. Any player who survives up to 10 scenarios will not only complete Krampus's house for bragging rights, but also claim a reward of 250m inf to their in-game email!


[5]-I will not transfer the rewards to other players. If a player chooses not to claim any reward, I will keep the inf for myself for my next game. To get the reward, you must be willing to type your global in this thread at the end of your run. If you're not willing to post your global in this thread, please do not participate.


Who dare ye enters the house of Krampus?!?!

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