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Is this a bug? Will I get the Bug Stomper Badge? I've cleared a space on my wall for it...!


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Windows: I'm in Kings Row with a Robots MM at a spawn point ([495.9 -42.0 2743.0]) for the Paladin Construction Crews. There's nothing here, but my robots are firing like mad at empty space; if I target through them, I hit the same empty space. I can even melee it. There's no effect, but I wonder if it's keeping the Paladin construction crew from spawning?
Note that this wasn't happening at the other two Paladin Construction sites; only here.
Curiouser and curiouser...

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Its an invisible entity.  Essentially the psuedo pet that casts the ability to spawn the event.  I tried killing the apocalypse beam generator before engaging rulawaade since its targetable through pets but its hp doesnt go down either.

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