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Map Clipping in PI Police Station


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1 hour ago, EyeLuvBooks said:

On several occasions I've gone into the police station in PI to speak with the Mission cop and found myself clipping into the floor. Reloading does not seem to fix it. This only affects character touching the ground. Hover and Fly seem to prevent the issue.

Is this a Beta only bug or a Live bug?

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Happened to me on Live as well, but cant remember offhand how i solved it, either by /stuck and got kicked to the Ouro drop off point in PI, or by Reloading, but nvr needed more then a few secs to fix it.

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It happens on the live servers but i havent found a reliable way to reproduce it.  Once it happens,  that entire instance of the game is messed up.   Changing characters or accounts still leaves the camera in the floor.  Quit to desktop and restart the game is the only way to fix it.

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