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Forum suggestion: Incarnate "Archetype" Forum?

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I'm coming back after all these years, and there's an awful lot to remember (not least, why Captain Holtz is weirdly overpowered... ouch...)


...would it help folks to have a forum to share and store Incarnate-specific info and builds?


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The thing that's a real kicker on this?


Incarnates were originally supposed to be an EAT, like Khelds, Soldiers and Widows. >.>


That said, given the way choices are (somewhat) going to be informed by what AT and powersets you have, probably best to keep them in with the regular powersets.


Also, Holtz's big thing is the Curse of Weakness. Before running the Alpha unlock mission, assuming you've run RWZ missions (if not, do a raid...) spend some of those V-merits on nectembo's curse breaker to counter it. Otherwise you'll have your END cap cut in half for 5 minutes.

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Curse of Weariness is one of several reasons why people should run Gaussian's arc while leveling.  😉


It's just about the only other place one will encounter it, but the power isn't because of Incarnates, it's a Vanguard thing.





I expected to see it in use in the ASF Vanguard ripple, but as of yet I've not been hit with it there.

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