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Fraggle Rock

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I'm not really sure why they're re-doing Fraggle Rock.  The show had a timeless quality to it, and if my niece ever has kids, it would be just fine to them, I'm sure.  Unless the producers feel that not having computers and smartphones makes everything ancient.  🙄


If they're going to reopen the Henson Production archives let them add a 3rd or even 4th season to The Storyteller.  Actor John Hurt was at his finest in season 1, and Michael Gambon was good in season 2, or better known as The Storyteller: Greek Myths.  The puppetry was some of the best Jim Henson & Co. ever did during his lifetime.  I'd welcome either a return to the Germanic Folk Tales, or continue the concept of season 2 with little known stories from other cultures.


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