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TA/DP Slotting or; Good God, How Could One Character Have THIS Many Options?!


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So, a while back I made a thread about the duelies character I was tempted to make.


I made them. I picked up Trick Arrow as the primary since that fit the best thematically. Turns out, this was a terrible(ly wonderful) idea.


This thing can slot the whole fucking universe, apparently. So... how do I get the most bang for my buck here? The only thing I know for sure I'd like is the defender class IO that does the aoe heal to be going off fairly frequently, since the only thing this set LACKS is a healing power, and eing able to cheat one onto it through the heal proc feals like the icing on the cake to this incredibly fun combo.

Resident certified baby

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Trick Arrow is really good out of the box and benefits very little from high slotting.  Here's what I do with my TA/DP. 


Flash Arrow: 4 Clouded Senses no proc

Glue Arrow: 50+5 Rech/slow

Ice Arrow: 50+5 Acc and 5 Dmg procs (this is my lead attack in my chain)

Poison Arrow: 2 50+5 Fortunata Hypnosis Acc/Rech

Acid Arrow: 3 Devastation w/-res proc and Achilles proc

Disruption Arrow: 2 Synapse Shock Endmod/Rech

Oil Slick Arrow: 5 Ragnarok and Achilles Proc

EMP Arrow: 2 Synapse Shock and 2 Superior Entomb all with recharge


As for DP I take Pistols, Swap Ammo, Bullet Rain, Executioners Shot and Hail of Bullets all 6 slotted with -res procs where I can.  

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