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Building for fun suggestions please: Staff/Fire Brute


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Came up with a random concept for a 'toon - Wizard Of The West - decided to try Staff/Fire, and tbh I'm a bit addicted now.

Would like some advice on where to go next with him.


  • I'm on Level 42, so not every slot is used yet...
  • ...and I haven't got the readies to fancify everything.
  • I go through minions and LTs like Hell's Own Lawnmower*, though bosses & EBs are a bit rougher if I'm not teamed.
  • END is often a problem, less so now I have some slotting and Physical Perfection.
  • I'm playing it for pure fun rather than powerlevelling, but if anyone has suggestions for where to take it from here or what recipes to save up for, feel free.
  • I also don't have Mids or Pine handy and my corporate antivirus doesn't like it, so slightly manual readout here: please feel free to mock as necessary.



Precise Strike - Acc, 2xDam

Guarded Spin - Acc, 3xDam

Eye Of The Storm - Scirocco [AccDam + AccRch], 2xDam

Staff Mastery - N/A (usually Form Of The Mind)

Serpent's Reach - Devastation [AccDam + AccDemRch + AccDamEndRech + Hold Proc]

Mercurial Blow - Acc (mainly use this to keep chains going)

Innocuous Strikes - IceMistral [AccDamEnd + AccDamEndRech + DamRch (will get Cold proc and DamSlow later)], Dam

Sky Splitter - GladStrike [AccDam + AccDamEndRch + DamEndRch], Dam



Fire Shield - GladArm [Res + ResEnd + TP/Def], Titanium [Res + ResEnd + End]

Healing Flames - Preventive [Heal + HealRch + HealEndRch + RchEnd + Absorb Proc]

Temp Protection - Res x2

Plasma Shield - Steadfast [Res + ResEnd + Res+Def], Aegis [Rs + RsE + Psi/Mez]

Consume - PerfShift [EMoRc + EMoRcA + RcA + EndProc], EnergyMan [Stun Proc], Rch

Burn - Scirocco [AccDam + AccRch + DamRch], 1xAcc, 1xDam

Fiery Embrace - 2xRch



Swift - Run

Hurdle - Jump

Stam - 3 x EMo



Boxing - 1xRopeADope AStn (rarely use)

Tough - 1xRes (almost never use)

Weave - Reactive [Def + DfE + Scaling], Def, End


Mystic Flight - Freebird [Stealth]



Focused Accuracy - Gaussian [THtE + BuildUp Proc, 2xE] (I love this but it's an END hog)

Physical Perfection - Synapse [EMo + Emo/Run]



  • Revolver, because cowboy
  • Coyote, because cowboy/wizard
  • Steam Jump, because steampunk/cowboy/wizard
  • Hand Grenade, because, well, handy
  • Anything else I can scrounge from missions, Safeguards etc



  • What IOs etc should I save up for?
  • Is Tough worth slotting up a bit?
  • Do I really need Blazing Aura or Taunt?
  • As this isn't strictly a farm/total invuln build, what would be some good choices for 44/47/49?


*Feel free to steal that name if you like...

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On 2/22/2022 at 5:44 AM, ThaOGDreamWeaver said:


  • What IOs etc should I save up for?
  • Is Tough worth slotting up a bit?
  • Do I really need Blazing Aura or Taunt?


IOs - There are a couple of "classic" uniques, I don't see.  Unbreakable Guard 7.5% HP, Shield Wall +5% Def/teleport, Panacea +HP, Power Transfer +HP, Numina's Convalescense Heal/Recovery, Miracle +Rec..not to mention save up for the Brute AT sets.  MOAR FURY!

Tough - See the aforementioned UG +7.5% HP, add a slot and UG Res/End and run it all the time (which also gives a global 2.5% reduction in end use) 🙂

BA - Absolutely!  Why not get free damage and free taunt?  Yet another power to accept uniques or AT specials.  It takes PBAOE Damage, Taunt/Threat and AT sets.  Avalanche unique will have KD, Fury of the Gladiator unique is Res debuff, damage procs galore....not to mention alot MOAR FURY, if you put the AT special in it.


Finally, I'd take one of your three slots in Stamina and move it to Health.  Then two slot Stamina with PS EndMod and +End proc, backfilling Consume, with the sixth piece of PS. That bonus is 7.5% Jump/Fly/Run, so you could reassess the use of Synapses in PP (if it were the run speed you were looking for) and consider the Power Transfer, for even more free HP (and 6% Regen if you replaced both with PT).

Then with Health, you can add the Panacea +HP and move the PM +Absorb from Healing Flames and back fill with the remaining PM (looks like Heal/End is left).  Adds a few more HP and a bit less End per click.


Well thought out concept.  I like it!

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