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An Overly Long Post Talking About Lore, Canon, and Headcanon (TM)


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11 hours ago, FriezaReturns00001 said:

Huh interesting, so Crey is shielded by a group of lawyers to protect them and top to bottom is almost aware of any issues that pop up; similar to how the Hive Cities in WarHammer 40k where Rioting basically doesn't exist as they have members throughout the citiy itself eye everywhere but that's a terrible comparission lol but not that such a degree that people get killed outright and silence but... you know what I mean, right? I could actually justify a Crey Protector as a loyal Pro-Crey member whose DNA is duplication?

Yeah, basically. It's easy to get into the mindset that Crey is evil top to bottom, but the company is MASSIVE. For every one illegitimate operation they do, they likely have two that are totally on the up and up. They make a ton of products over many different industries. I think Umbrella from the Resident Evil games is a great comparison myself. While Umbrella did create the zombie virus, that was just one branch of the megacorp. The people who made cosmetics for Umbrella were likely just as surprised as everybody else.


As my link said, Paragon Protectors are basically set from the ground up to be loyal to Crey. Convincing them otherwise is a huge undertaking. And, yes, it would make sense for a Paragon Protector line to be capable of duplication, but I would advise you to make it a prototype or in the trial phase. Write in an explanation as to why you don't see it widespread.

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