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Hi. Any interest in my AE storyarcs? Found them on an old flash drive. :)


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*waves* Hi, Hero Nation. It's been a while.


So yeah, as luck would have it, I found an old flash drive that archived the final versions of my 3 main AE story arcs: Ghost in the Machine Acts 1 and 2, and "IX" (read as "Nine".) I remember the Ghost arcs being fondly received (either that or my unchecked ego has twisted my recollections, in which case I apologize in advance), so if it hasn't already been brought to the new indie servers yet, I'm happy to pass them to whoever is willing to upload them, if there's interest.


Let me know, I'm on Discord, Twitter, Twitch.TV, a few other outlets... ping me here or at any of those. 🙂 


Lovely to see yesteryear's heroes and villains persevere. My hat is off to all of you.






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