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Big THANK YOU to the Admins and Devs

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Hey, Admins and Devs:
I just wanted to send out a big "Thank You!" for the recent "Mapserver" event.

It was very lucrative and lots of fun and it had some of the CREEPIEST "monsters" you've come up with, yet.

Thanks again for all the efforts you put into keeping the game fresh and entertaining.

Yours truly, 
Excelsior Server

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Lots of fun! The critters were so imaginative! While fighting, I was staring around, laughing and delighted at the Desktop Crash and so many others, in fact I would love a list of the names, I didn't make any real notes while in the midst.


I got a huge kick out of the April 1 New Improved Brawl! The random effects along with the exclamations (including "Oops!" when it knocked ME back :D). 


In the last invasion instance I was able to attend, there was a giant Mapserver which hit me with something like the improved brawl, giant sized - I got tossed up above skyscrappers, and 'shape-shifted' to a generic green. Easy to fix, just zoned after the event, but it had me laughing.


Just really great stuff. Would love to see this return in a random fashion throughout the year, any chance?


(players vs Mapserver 👇)


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