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Why is Maratus?


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Who is Maratus?

They appeared out of nowhere with an assignment to the Fortunata program, some say signed by Lord Recluse himself.

It never speaks and is only seen when carrying out assignments.

Was it sent in to ferret out corruption in the Blood Widow program?

Is it a Family goon discovered with extrodinary psychic abilities and brought in to indoctrinate?

What is Maratus?

Is it a next-gen Clockwork sent by the King to destroy Arachnos from within?

Is it an alien being whose intentions may be fair or foul?



Honestly, I don't know either. I hadn't rolled up a Fortunata yet and found a fun name and costume and decided for "Mysterious Past #624" But I thought I would put them out here and see what insane theories you all could come up with. Have fun, maybe your theories are true, maybe none of them are, maybe ALL of them are. We will never know.screenshot_220423-10-48-13.thumb.jpg.4bf2dd0ccd9f8c56e4fb5a9ae833c3f1.jpg


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