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Tobin Fitzroy's Guide to St. Martial

Defeat All Snakes

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(The Black Hand Society are commencing their expansion into St. Martial, and their resident lawyer, Mr. Fitz, has prepared a little tourist brochure to help them get to know their new neighbours. I figured what the hell, I'll share it here, too, and maybe stir up some curiosity about the greasy neon jewel of the Etoile Isles.)


Alright, let's get down to business. And start studying this sh*t, 'cause there's gonna be a quiz, and you ain't gonna like the failing grade.
Welcome to...



This place was a big deal once; but now it's a smoking pile of horsesh*t bein' used as a pissing ground by the Freakshow. Only money comin' through here is via Krazy Mark's yard sale and Louey Felluca's trash racket. Still... you wanna dump a body, fly underneath the radar or deal with the Freaks for some crazy-ass reason, this is the place to go. Because nobody, and I mean nobody gives a f**k about this place -- and that in itself has a kind of power.

Gotta be careful with this one. This is Johnny Sonata's private castle, and the linchpin of St. Martial's success. We ain't takin' a cut anytime soon -- but that don't mean we can't do a little business.  If you're the networking type, think about rubbin' some elbows on the down-low. Runnin' a few scams on the casino. Maybe even doin' some work for the man himself.

This is it. This is where the heists happen. This is where the money changes hands. A fat stack of casinos, bars, strip clubs, fight clubs; the Jackpot's got it all.  Lotta fingers trynna get into this pie, but you want a piece of it, you gotta go through the Family first, and that's AFTER you step over every other wannabe who's trynna make a move. It's knives out down here, kids, and they're gonna be ready for us. Let's get established before we start kickin' down doors.

Residential, couple hotels, couple historic buildings... Runs the field from high-class to fixer-upper. Tsing Guns run a warehouse outta here and the Marcones have their holdout in the area, but you're gonna see a lot of Tsoo around town, too, haulin' product and spittin' on the sidewalk. You wanna run dope, dyne or any'a that sh*t, do it here.

Yeah, yeah, you know the drill: it's another Arachnos sh*thole, and they're dug in deep. You're gonna see Crab squads on the march pretty much everywhere in St Martial except Fortune's Wheel and the Hard Way, and they're big fans of blowin' your brains out first and carvin' questions into your headstone later. Less we have to do with them the better, but let's be real, here: these assholes are everywhere. They control the air, they control the harbor, and they always take their cut. Might not be a bad idea to get on their good side. Run some side jobs, grease a few palms to make 'em look the other way when it counts. Think about it.

Industrial center, like a little piece of Sharkhead in our new backyard. Ain't pretty, but everyone's got business here, including a deniable subsidiary of Cage Corp, our old pals at Gadzul Oil and good old Freedom Corps. Good place for smuggling, manufacturing or arms deals.

Now this is some Alice in Wonderland sh*t. In terms of turf, it's an even split between the Circle of Thorns sulkin' in the artificial swamp and the Carnies shakin' their t*ts for the coked-out billionaires in their creepy f**kin' tents. I ain't touchin' it myself, but you want in on the magic biz, you do it here: pick one of these two flea circuses and either muscle in or make a deal. Or just put a gun in your mouth and pull the f**kin' trigger, probably get the same result with less dicking around.

Oh yeah. One more thing:

Listen, I don't know what the deal with these f**ked-up things is, but they're all over St. Martial like flies on sh*t. I'm serious here, they're like King's Row pigeons; f**k you up as soon as look at you. We move into the neighbourhood, we're gonna need a plan for dealin' with 'em, because trust me: they ain't goin' away.

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St. Martial has a special place in my heart. I remember on live Roleplaying in the Golden Giza for hours at a time. There is a lot of cool little nooks around Jackpot too, decorated rooftops with interiors and the like. And the Hard Way triggers the awesome Villain music similar to the Villains login screen.

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