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Zone Badges. Merits?

Golden Azrael

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3 hours ago, Golden Azrael said:

So it's the Atlas, Hollows and (Steel?) exploration badges?  Do you get any merits for them?  Or just Badges?



Nearly every zone grants an Exploration Accolade for collecting all Exploration badges in the zone. Each Exploration Accolade grants 10 Reward Merits. 

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Based on a brief count, it looks like there are 54 zones which have the full EIGHT exploration badges to grant an accolade:

28 'hero' zones (this includes Echoes of Atlas Park, Galaxy City and Faultline, plus the Sewer Network and Abandoned Sewer Network)

8 'villain' zones (this includes Monster Island)

8 Praetorian zones (3 city zones, 3 underground, plus First Ward and Night Ward)

6 co-op zones (includes Dark Astoria and Rikti War Zone plus the 'echoes' of those two zones and also The Abyss)

4 PvP zones


Getting all 8 exploration badges in a zone will give an accolade badge and FIVE reward merits.  (I know it's five because I track all merits received on my main character in a spreadsheet - unless it got changed since November, which is when my main finished his exploration badges.)


The zones that only have a single exploration badge (like Kallisti Wharf) don't award an accolade.


On a final note, whenever I make a new character, one of the first things I do is collect all the exploration badges in Atlas Park to unlock the Long Range Teleporter.  Getting a jump pack or temp fly power makes it easy to reach all the badges.



Edit:  Just confirmed by getting the badges in First Ward; it's five merits awarded with the accolade badge.

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