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Base storage for recipes?


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2 hours ago, Breaker said:

Is there a component for the base to store recipes?


Unfortunately, no Library storage was ever created for bases.


However, you can email the recipes to yourself if you want to move them from one character or another.

Set-up a email addressed to your global.

Open the Recipe Window.

Drag the recipe you want into the little square box [Attachment] in the email.

Make sure to add a title if there isn't one and at least an "x" in the message area.


I email myself an email with the title "Transfer" and then forward that to myself. This way, I just have to hit reply to that to send something.

Little trick, after you hit reply, you can clear the title field. Then when you drop something into the [Attachment] box, the name of that item will then be the title of he email.


You can store some this way, but Dacy method allows you to store many more than you will be able to store in email, but like Dacy said ....


1 hour ago, Dacy said:

but that's character specific.


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