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Wattage Wednesday!


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Inspired by the different niche groups I've seen (all-defender ITF! all-monster-based Citadel! all-knockback ITF!), I decided to try my own - Wattage Wednesday! An all-electric KM Market Crash!



I guess I should not have been surprised when most of the respondents were blasters. But that's ok! With a stalker and a brute by our side, we melted faces with great efficiency!




As you can imagine, throughout the encounters, enemy end bars looked like this:




And the screen looked like this. ALL. THE. TIME!




Finally, something super cool happened! I have a Synapse-themed hero, and someone on the team had a Positron-themed hero! It was pretty hilarious:




All in all, it was great fun! Much thanks to Rina twelve, Thunder Lynx, Sparky Jr., Charge Wade, Bionic Assault, Magregor, and Pixi Stick for coming out! Enjoy your merits!



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Not sure yet! I already did level 50 DFB and an all-Canadian radio missions team. I need something interesting! I was thinking of Sizzle Saturday, an all-fire ITF but ehhhhhhh seems too similar.

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