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The City of Dread, The Complete Saga Official Release

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The City of Dread, The Complete Saga

Patch Notes - June 25th, 2022


  • A typo in episode 8, mission 3's send off dialog has been corrected.
  • The allies in episode 9, mission 4, have had their survivability buffed.
  • An ally in episode 9, mission 4, now has their claws correctly coloured.
  • The fixes below are marked as spoilers for episode 8 and episode 9. Click to unveil.
    • Relik Rudas' title under his name in episode 9, mission 3, now properly displays "Timelord."
    • Relik Rudas at the end of episode 8 and throughout episode 9, no longer has the fly trap pet.
    • Relik Rudas and the mysterious ally that appears at the end of episode 8 and throughout episode 9 have had their fighting style changed from ranged to melee to combat them running off randomly. Unfortunately, this only reduces the chance of that happening. Allies in the entire saga, regardless of fighting style, will run off from time to time. There is no permanent 100% fix for this.


Thank you for playing The City of Dread, The Complete Saga.

If there's anything else that needs fixing, let me know!

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I'll be starting a longish review post on the forum soon (depending on RL obviously).  I'm intending to play through Dark Deeds, Leviathan, All that Glitters and City of Dread, alternating between the four of them.  It'll be my own cable channel of adventure.  Any spoilers will be labelled as such and hidden. 

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Great to be back in CoX!

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An Update on The City of Dread, The Complete Saga!

Will I create more story arcs?


I'd like to make this comment for those still following this thread. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their wonderful support. The amount of gratitude has been overwhelming at times! For people to play and enjoy something I poured everything I had into, it makes me incredibly optimistic. Optimistic about what? Well, originally The City of Dread was my only project, and I didn't plan on creating anymore story arcs. That being said, I believe that isn't true anymore. I will say that I probably won't make another saga, or even trilogy, don't mark my words though. I plan on pursuing "one-shot adventures" that consist of five missions that have a beginning and an end. Maybe one will involve some classic villainy...


Regarding future patches for The City of Dread, I would like to say each episode has been finalised and that future patches are unlikely. Of course, if there is something game breaking and I am made aware of it, then it will be fixed promptly. I'd like to thank you all again; I look forward to sharing future projects with you when I'm ready and when they're ready. Spread the love, be excellent to each other. Until our paths cross again, my friends. 




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