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Your Powers Are Weak... Darth Nostalgia


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I wasn't sure where to post this.  However, since Darth Nostalgia is my Sith Stalker, i thought i would try here.  I'm looking for a bind or binds  that will allow me to say things like:  Your powers are weak and than the targets name.  Does that make any sense ??

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For a bind, type this into the text box and it should do it:


/bind [KEY] "say Your powers are weak, $target."


Where [KEY] is the key or button you want to trigger the statement. The 'say' part makes it go to whatever channel you have active. If you want it to always go to local or another channel, use that one's name instead like so:


/bind [KEY] "local Your powers are weak, $target."


The '$target' is the wildcard expression that will be replaced by whatever you have targeted. If you have nothing targeted it defaults to just saying '$target' which can look silly.


As far as Divine Avalanche, it depends on your build and secondary. Super Reflexes likely won't have a use for it at all, since your defense will ideally be capped already and just about impossible to debuff below that. Energy Aura, Invuln, or another defense/layered secondary with less debuff resist can make use of it to cap Lethal/Melee defense without making a set bonus investment, or to pad against debuffs. It's a trade-off against the lower damage of the attack, though. Secondaries with no defense at all can make use of it to get SOME defense or pad against debuffs, and might see the most return.

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Remember that things occur in reverse order, so I would put the bow last so that you have better timing.

I would go: /bind F12 "local your powers are weak, $Target!$$em BowDown$$TargetCustomNext Player"

And: /bind F11 "local your powers are weak, $Target!$$em BowDown"

That way you have one for choosing a random player and one for choosing a player yourself.

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