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Hunts(wo)man Ohanko

Sakura Tenshi

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So, I ran Seer Marino arc yesterday on Everlasting with my DP/Fire Blaster. The first mission where I went to get Wretch's Medical Records and leave no witnesses, I came across the familiar voice of Huntsman Ohanko but realized some changes made to the game left them a bit different than I remembered: screenshot_220612-21-02-21.thumb.jpg.863cedb7b98f8b174cc500d405175a29.jpg


Admittedly, I didn't recall if the mission text even used gender specific pronouns when Ohanko was discussed, so I shrugged. And then Seer Marino's mission debrief did make express mention of Ohanko as a male


Two missions later, where Ohanko needs to be rescued and is a non-combat NPC, they return to their origina gender.




Then in the second to last mission to save Ghost Widow, they're back to female.




I think this is primarily just a side effect of the mission data pulling 'any huntsman NPC' for the versions capable of combat, and there's a bit of a coinflip and it so happens I got the new female huntsman models. Perhaps the same setting could be set for the 'Rescue Ohanko' mission so it could be either gender and change mission text to gender neutral, or just it could be corrected to where Ohanko always spawns male. (or could even change to make Ohanko canon female I guess, just would kind of take the most work)

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