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Base Commission on Everlasting


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The less said about my own attempts at figuring out the base builder the better.


The base in question would be a simple office building, though not a large one. Ground floor would be the business' office area, like a reception desk, conference room, maybe a data vault and/or file room.


Second story would be a living area, like a real nice luxury apartment. Think "penthouse suite." If it's not too much work, a basement level would also be great and include a bunch of training equipment, both physical and magical.


The idea is that the business is security consulting, with hopes to grow into a small, private security firm. This is a civilian-side business and cover for his vigilante activities. The office area should reflect that business.


The upper level is his residence. He's well-off enough to live in a penthouse, but wants to keep a low profile, so instead lives in the upper level of his office building. He has the money to live well, though, so the living area should reflect that.


The basement level, if there is one, is where the security "specialists" (and protégé vigilantes) do their training, both physical and magical.


I have 300m on hand right now, but more comes fairly easily, so if you need more, let's talk about it and work out a reasonable price.

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