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The Unusual Suspect (Morality mission)


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What I encountered was an odd lag.  Not client lag, not increased latency due to high network traffic, but lag in how the mission proceeds.


After freeing the police captain, Silent Blade is supposed to spawn and ambush the player character.  This morning, it took almost two minutes for her to spawn.

Upon defeating Silent Blade (she changes to friendly at ~25% HP), you engage in a short conversation with her, and Your Mysterious Double is supposed to spawn with a Malta ambush when you click the final dialogue option.  Again, it took almost two minutes for this to occur.


Both of those spawns are supposed to be instantaneous.  This is likely related to the other recent server issues.  This obviously isn't something that can be fixed by itself, if it is connected to those other server problems, it may provide another avenue of exploration toward resolution.

Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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