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Please separate owned recipes menu from the buy salvage/recipes menu

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So I've been leveling up a few alts lately, and one thing that's annoying is that I cannot view my owned recipes while simultaneously looking at the vendor menu for places such as AE or Merit Vendors.  I would really like being able to have both menus/windows open at the same time.  Your thoughts?  Thanks for reading!

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21 minutes ago, Six-Six said:

I don't get what you mean.

Try to open your owned recipe menu at the same time as the AE or Merit Vendor interface.  They seem to be flagged as the same thing, so trying to open one while you have the other open closes the first one you had open...


What you appear to have open is the auction house interface and your owned recipe window, which is something different than what I'm talking about.

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Ah. I see. Sorry, I misread AE for AH. You're right, can't view owned and Vendor recipes at the same time. Pretty much the same with Crafting Table and your own stash, and I suppose AE vendor would be the same. And yes, your suggestion would be helpful.

A simple fix would be to put something like what we already have in our own stash--Hide unowned and missing ingredients (bottom right button of recipes window). If they can add an option to hide owned recipes (as they already have missing ingredients) and which they do have for the crafting table... which I think is odd... it would be helpful.

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