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Removing shared XP range limit outside

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I don't  need to justify the current system. It already makes sense. When the team is on a mission map, they are at the same location working on the same objective(s). When the team is on the zone map, they can be literally miles apart working on completely unrelated things to each other.


To use your example, part of the team sat on their hands at the door waiting for the rest of the team. Part of the team was not even present to be considered. And you were off taking down random thugs. Your team wasn't being a team. Some of them were just sitting there waiting. They were at least waiting instead of rushing in and clearing the mission before the others could get there. So they have my thanks for that, but they weren't helping you with what you were doing even peripherally. You weren't being a part of the team because you were running off doing off-mission tasks. You were trying to be productive while you waited, and my kudos to you for that, but you were off doing your own thing with the impromptu street sweep. So when you move far enough away, congrats! Now the xp from your defeats should be all yours! (I don't team in a zone and separate while looking for xp, so I don't know if you get full xp for defeats if you are beyond sharing range, but it would make sense since you are beyond sharing range.)


What justification does the limit need? It makes sense. Yes, ask for the radius to be increased. That will likely find more support. Asking for it to go away? There is already a much better way for door sitters to get xp while door sitting. It gives more consistent xp than street sweeping seeing as how farmers typically farm all level 54 mobs. It gives faster xp because there is no need to race along roads looking for the next random spawn. And if the map is the asteroid map, there aren't even any halls or tunnels or hidden spawns in out of the way tiny rooms to complicate the rapid accumulation of xp.

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