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Director 11 fight -- Dominator duo, an extremely difficult, edgy, but very rewarding challenge to overcome.


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*** This should have been posted here and not in the General section.  I moved the post.***
For those of you who love to seek higher challenges, or those of you who want to take a break from the otherwise easy game content of City of Heroes, I present a duo, yep, just a tiny team of only two crowd control characters, with inspirations, temp powers, p2w all DISABLED, no deaths allowed to try to tackle this. 

It is a whole different world to fight Director 11 with two squishies.   
The number of ambush is just insane, the enemies ambushing you are also very deadly (Malta).  

But... the adrenaline rush is VERY STRONG and very exciting.  
This is my way to enjoy this game. 



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