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Focused Feedback: Symphony Control

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4 hours ago, MistressOhm said:

PLEASE tell me this powerset comes with a conductor emote, or lounge singer, or something music-y.  🙂

That would be effing phenominal looking.  Or maybe the confuse power uses a conductor emote for power use.  Tingles.

Girls of Nukem High - Excelsior - Tempus Fabulous, Flattery, Jennifer Chilly, Betty Beatdown, Totally Cali, Two Gun Trixie

Babes of War - Excelsior - Di Di Guns, Runeslinger, Munitions Mistress, Tideway, Hard Melody, Blue Aria


Several alts and of course my original from live on Freedom, OG High Beam (someone else has her non OG name)

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