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A good time to talk about reworking all task forces


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With the AE nerf thing on the table for debate I want to suggest adding stuff to task forces.


Repeatable or Advancing kill counters that reward small amounts of merits that has an 18 hour lockout per character

Example: a team of 6 has to kill 30 enemies in Yin's TF.  30 enemies defeated grants 1 merit, then it resets to 60 kills for 2 and so on.  These numbers can go up or down depending on team size or personal preference because this is a suggestion


Now because of the personal lockouts for the side missions they cannot be farmable and deters speed only all the time every time content


Escortless saving/whatever villains call it

You know how you last street swept over 15 years ago and an NPC awarded you with a little INF after thanking you?  We both know there are captured maintenance workers in Synapes that can reward 1 merit


actually now that i typed this much out i know someone out there will do the finalized math and start forming "speedish task forces" to minmax rewards with this new system and lost all interest in finishing it

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