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Character Creation/Customization QoL Requests

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A few (relatively small) features that I'd love to see added to character creation/customization (I'm bundling them here to avoid spamming the forum with new topics, listed in approximate order of interest):

  1. Visibility-toggles for weapons, shields, and other accessories.  When checking for clipping, or just trying to match color & style between weapons and the rest of the costume, it'd be nice to not need to keep going back to the weapon/shield/whatever tab to see how it works with my current selection of glove, belt, etc.  Can we please get a button or toggle (or something) to have the character keep their weapons out while we're working on them?
  2. Being able to adjust the color on multiple pieces.  The thought that comes to my mind is being able to select all areas with color X, and change them to color Y.  (The Costume Colors Linked option is on the right track, but I frequently end up with a few pieces where the primary and secondary need to be reversed, to say nothing of attempts at costumes with more than 2 colors).  It's not a big issue, but it would streamline finding the right shade of blue, or deciding whether those accents look better in yellow or white.
  3. Vertical camera movement.  Most of the time, when I'm playing the game, I have the camera at least slightly above my character, angled down (exceptions mostly consist of while dealing with something above my character, or when flying across the map).  That's not an angle I can get in CC, and it's occasionally a problem, when the difference in camera angles causes what looked like a bad-*** head-wrap in CC to instead look like a giant bald spot when I'm playing them.
  4. Flight poses.  They currently exist under emotes, but getting something closer to the run/stand poses selection to set which one your character should default to using would make me happy.
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In order listed:


1) Sounds good. Being able to avoid clipping on costume design is always a plus to me.


2) How about an invert button? Say you have the colors you want, but they are in the wrong places. Click a button and it automatically swaps the colors on that specific piece. As opposed to my current practice of changing the first color and then swapping to another piece to count out to the desired color only to swap back to the piece being worked on and recount to find that color. Or even a most recent colors used menu. Shows the last 4 color selections you used on the character in that instance of using the creator for quick selection.


3) 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry, haven't had a problem with costumes looking like bald spots, but I get the desire for the fix. Being able to rotate the character on multiple axis would be helpful with the costume planning. 👍


4) I'm not driven to feel either way on this. Not opposed, it would be a nicety, but won't be bothered by the lack either.

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