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Mobs fading out on aggro

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Threw together a quick test using some custom mobs in the Winter Croatoa Map. Published as #23793


Started engaging a group and a bunch just faded out on me.   Noticed the boss count went from 28 to 5.  Hostages stuck around, but with their mobs gone, they couldn't be saved.


I attached the mission file.  Currently on a rather crappy computer which is making testing more painful than usual.  Otherwise, I'd do a bit more


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Did a little more testing.  Changed map over to Gold Portal Ship, had to drop number of bosses, but everything seemed to work well

Chnaged map to Croatoa Winter map again and left number of bosses at the ship level.  Still saw a drop in bosses on entry and some mobs faded away when I got close to them.

Thinking it's something to do with the map at this time

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