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Stone Armor/Titan Weapons Build and Review


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I always sort of liked the idea of Stone Armor, even before its revamp. There was just something so inherently solid-feeling about it. I made a few low-level ones back during live but never had the chance to bring them up completely before the end. I considered it again here on Homecoming but ended up dragging my feet until recently.


Then I created Pax Aeternus. This build had three main goals. First, try out the new revisions to Stone Armor. Second, try out Titan Weapons, which I see a lot but had never really played. Third, make a very solid all-around tank good for virtually any situation. This is the result. I drew on builds created by several other players that I found around the forums and a few more that were sent directly to me, so some of this may look a little familiar to the discerning build connoisseur.


Currently, Pax Aeternus is level 50 with only a Tier 2 Alpha Incarnate power (Vigor Radial Boost, in this case).


Some notes, as I leveled I actually did have Crushing Blow, though I eventually respec'd out of it as I could make a full attack rotation out of the later attacks in Titan Weapons.  The focus, as I think it should be with TW, is on cone and AOE attacks, which provide both wide damage application (particularly on a tank), and extra mitigation in the form of delicious knockdown. That said, if exemplaring into lower levels extensively, it might be worthwhile to use a 2nd build slot to make an exemp-specific build with an extra attack power or two.


Pool powers are pretty bog-standard, and I considered trying to work in Teleportation up to Fold Space originally (as Stone Armor+TP is a pretty classic combination), though this was dropped as I discovered that revisions to Stone Armor didn't strictly require it anymore. Super Speed and Tactics could probably be dropped for two TP powers if you want that old-school feel, but you'd lose the Slow Resist from Winter's Gift in SS and wouldn't be able to fit in Fold Space without dropping an additional power from somewhere (probably Granite Armor, which is more of a novelty than a requirement for the vast majority of situations) - I decided it wasn't that necessary given Mud Pot's very solid Threat generation combined with Gauntlet and all of the cone and aoe attacks I already had - with the addition of Taunt to pull in anything else, threat is a non-problem.

Tanker - Stone Armor - Titan Weapons.mxd

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