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weapon disappears on almost anyone (gullible)


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I went to get the gullible badge on my temporal warrior brute that uses titan weapons.  After returning to normal,  my sheathed weapon had disappeared.  Drawing the weapon left my character in the ready stance with no weapon.  Returning to the sheathed stance had no weapon on my back.  Changing costumes or zones fixed the problem.  A second attempt had the same result and a 3rd try with a non-sheathed weapon had the same invisible result in the ready stance.


I tried on a regular scrapper on the live server and the weapon never disappeared whether it was sheathed or not (im very gullible at this point).


Then I copied the scrapper to brainstorm and the weapon also did not disappear whether it was sheathed or not.


I tried different self transforming costumes and didnt have any problems but i didnt have time to check other powersets with abilities that change the character model.


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On 7/20/2022 at 12:27 PM, Faultline said:

@Cobalt Arachne No idea why this would happen, however note that the copied character would still have the live weapon costume keys.

I'd have to check exactly how the Gullible transform happens.

I'll look into it.

 In before this is a super elaborate troll to prove we're gullible by getting us to look into a bug that doesn't exist as a Null the Gull 'gullible' prank. 

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As an update to this,  I was able to get dual blades to disappear on a brute, tanker, stalker and scrapper after creating them on brainstorm.  However,  i did have 1 scrapper that wasnt affected and had to make a second to get his weapons to disappear.  The unaffected scrapper was DB/energy aura with a Black knight sword and fire sword.  I switched him to scimitars, that I confirmed to disappear on the second scrapper, and they still did not disappear.  I gave the second scrapper (that was affected) with DB/electric armor the same swords as the first and they did disappear.


I checked Power Surge from electric armor and the weapons were not visible for its duration although they did appear normally on the character after the power expired.  I dont have an electric armor character with weapons on the live server to check if this is the current behavior though.


Using Granite armor on a brute had the character wield the weapons normally but they did not appear while sheathed.  I imagine that this is the proper behavior though since granite armor is replacing the character model and probably doesnt have costume options.


Also,  my apologies Cobalt.  I was originally trying to break temporal warriors to give Faultline more work and i stumbled onto this and gave u more work instead.  😛


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