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Thoughts at Level 32 on a Savage/Electric Brute


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Having come across the assertion Savage Melee is better for brutes than scrappers (killing the SM/Shield red side scraper I had just made), I decided to give a Savage Melee/Electric Armor brute a whirl. I picked Electric Armor because I wanted a damage aura and the other sets with one had issues I did not feel like wrestling with and Electric Armor also brings +Recharge to the table.


  • According to City of Data 2.0, Blood Frenzy rewards you with 4% Recharge and 6% Endurance Discount per stack. At max stacking that should be 20 Recharge and 30% Endurance Discount. While you do get 20% Recharge, in game I do not recall the Power Monitor showing more than 23.6% (or so) Endurance Discount.
  • 20% Recharge from Blood Frenzy at max stacks combines with 20% Recharge from Lightning Reflexes for 40% Recharge, which applies to every power and is quite noticeable.
  • Faster cycling attacks would normally have the downside of increased endurance expenditure but the Endurance Discount of the Blood Frenzy stacks mostly negates it--140% attack rate (7/5) at 75% endurance cost (3/4) = 21/20 = 105% actual expenditure. 
  • The points above really drive a Go, GO, GO!!! style of play since you want to maintain Blood Frenzy stacks and you want to maintain Fury. When health or endurance forces you to rest, typically you are able to maintain 35% Fury though you do lose your Blood Frenzy stacks. 
  • Blood Thirst compares poorly to Build Up, giving only 10% To-Hit and 33% Damage compared to 20% To-Hit and 80% Damage. That being the case I use Blood Thirst AFTER spending full Blood Frenzy attacks on Rending Flurry. Rending Flurry gets damage boosted by spending the stacks, locks you out of gaining stacks, then Blood Thirst gives you full stacks. So you maintain your Recharge bonus and Endurance Discount.
  • When another melee with Super Strength, Energy Melee, or whatever powerset with a massively hard hitting attack rolls up on the foe you have been 《SNIKT》 《SNIKT》 《WHACK》 《WHACK》 working down and one-shots it you will wonder what possessed you to waste time on Savage Melee. Keep in mind that is front-loaded damage and the power used is not on a short cooldown. Knockout Blow has a base recharge of 25s. Total Focus has  one of 20s. There is a joy in dispatching a Freakshow before there can do their heal or laying low Paragon Protectors before they can get off Moment of Glory--both of which occur with enough damage over time flowing while you apply direct damage. You also get to steal killing blows surprisingly often while the other hero's power animates or they are waiting for an attack to cycle.

If I have you on ignore it is due to perceived provocations on your part. It is likely temporary--a sort of time out for both of us--unless you really worked to deserve being permanently ignored.

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Wait until you try Savage/Stone. It was one of the best results I had though it only got something like 3:40 on a pylon (no -res slotted though). I ended with the same reaction about flailing lots and the damage needing to start rolling.

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