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Feedback requested. Tank creation help. Secondaries.


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15 hours ago, Owenknowone said:

This is my current tanker I'm shooting for.  The other would be the "most" survivable tank.  Thanks.


Yeah I've got a Rad/SS in the works at the moment.  My problem is leveling it.  I don't farm.  And SS is kind of boring until you get Foot Stomp.  Hand Clap is fun but does no damage.  Otherwise there's no AoE in the secondary until 38.  RadA helps a little bit with proc bombed Rad Therapy and Ground Zero though.


For a "most survivable" tanker, I'm debating between SR/Staff and Inv/Staff.  I like Staff for either because of the +15% melee/lethal defense in Guarded Spin and the +13% res(all) in Sky Splitter's Form of Body finisher.  I love that the most defensive stance in Staff is the one that adds a damage bonus too and lets me pick between Sky Splitter's +res buff to me or Eye of the Storm's -res debuff to all the enemies it hits with its 15ft radius PBAoE.


I'm leaning SR.  Invuln of course has better full-health resist and hit points, but SR would be no slouch especially with Staff's add-on.  And it has sky-high defense and DDR.  Melee defense especially would be absurd with Guarded Spin's adder.  Would only matter in the challenge mode content, of course, but that's the only stuff where you can really differentiate well-built tankers anyway.

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