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Is Homecoming down right now?


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First day of vacation and I only noticed because sleeping in did not go as planned.

Smashing/Lethal Farmer and a Giant Monster Hunter on Excelsior

Monster Hunters: Blue Idoru (Main, Elec/Kin Corruptor), Kurodoru (Dark/Dark Brute), Canadian Content (Rad/Atom Blaster)

Try Arc IDs: 44869 "The Orb" - Smashing/Lethal Farm on the Troll Cave map with 99 mobs, all patrols.  45166 "Hail The Orb" - Smashing/Lethal Farm on the Dreck Freakshow map with 151 mobs, 61 Elite Bosses

Farmers: Freak Out (Rad/Fire Brute, Fire Farmer), Dara Kill (Dark/Spines Tanker, S/L Farmer), Freak Fire (Fire/Rad Tanker, Farm Everything), Blue Idoru (Main, Elec/Kin Corr, Farm Anything), Spidoru (Crabbermind, Farm Anything), various other fighters and support.

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