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Demons / Storm


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So I have been reading up a LOT on MM's and secondary's and I think I have narrowed it down to Demons / Storm.


I have been reading up on builds suggested by various users but it seems like people just post a build with not much captioning provided as to why they swear by it.  I'm hoping to get some feedback from this lovely community what the "best" build is for demons/storm, why demons/storm is amazing, and why your build specifically makes you shine.


It seems like there is a HUGE disparity between great and terrible MM's more so than other classes.  MM's really require a great deal of thought so I am hoping to get some feedback from everybody.  Thank you!



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  Here goes...........demon/storm is a great set because you have demons.........and storms together for pure chaos.  In all seriousness demon/storm MM's are all about damage. As for the best build this or best build that, this is open to interpretation and opinion. Great and terrible MM's are also very opinion based.....while the general consensus that mercs are the worst doesn't mean anything as in certain MM's hands they are a thing to behold with the same thing regarding one of the stronger pet sets being played by someone unfamilliar with them and just playing a posted build not having the same outcome as the creator of said build.


    Storm provides excellent damage thanks to lightning storm and tornado along with solid debuff thanks to freezing rain. Steamy mist gives the MM some defense and can aid with stealth if paired with either a stealth proc or super speed. While I find the heal(O2) not worth taking it can be effective if taken and slotted. Hurrican is a niche pick.....some like it while others don't but can be fun..........hurricane herding for the win.


    Best advice I can give it look over some builds to get an idea then build what you think you may enjoy and play it........then the more you play it the more you'll tweak it to your style and make it your own

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I consider myself sort of a noobish/average player, but I'd argue that half of playing an MM decently/well is just being aware of when you should and shouldn't use your henchmen. Even with Demons there will be times where you will want to pull them back, potentially throw them on passive, etc. There are also certain times where it's to everyone's benefit if you dismiss your henchmen entirely until it's safe/okay to summon them again.


Demons/Storm is awesome, though I'd argue that while mostly fun leveling, it doesn't hit peak fun until after you hit level 50 and start getting incarnates and solving your end issues (because anything Storm will be sucking end). Depending on your tolerance for KB, it's a great idea to get some KB -> KD IO's for Gale, Tornado, and Lightning Storm. I also went Fire Mastery on mine, so I also have one of those IO's in Bonfire. I just personally prefer KD for mitigation, and being able to pretty much permanently keep a spawn flopping on their backs (especially when paired with Freezing Rain) is just oodles of fun. I've also seen around that Gale is great for taking procs; I haven't had a chance to load it with any yet.


I unfortunately cannot offer any build advice help; mine is still running on a combo of generic IO's and SO's. Making builds is something that kind of scares me, tbh, lol. Though after playing on Beta and being able to start looking at the sets and slotting characters there, I feel slightly more comfortable about going into Mids to see how I want to build my 50's like my MM. But even on my "ghetto" slotting, I feel like my Demons/Storm shreds mobs, though I don't solo at +4/x8 yet, though she was able to singlehandedly stop an ambush in a PI radio rescue mission the other day--granted, it was only Council, but I felt good about being able to leverage my tools to hold off an ambush on my own.


I ended up cutting the heal and hurricane out of my build. The heal kind of helps while leveling, but once the demons can start better taking care of themselves, I found it largely useless and a waste of my time (plus, I'm a bit of an RPer at heart and build for concept, so since she's a villain, she ain't healing no one damn it lol). I also don't have the skills to maneuver hurricane to make it more helpful than harmful and felt I had enough other stuff going on that I wanted that I could sacrifice it to use those slots elsewhere.


I agree with Doc though that building is almost kind of a personal thing. I'm sure folks here have amazing builds; doesn't mean that I'd be great at using it or whatever. As you level you figure out what you like and how you like to play and what you want/need for your character. I rarely solo, let alone look to solo at max level, so while I want my Demons/Storm to feel/be powerful, I do like to team with her and will look to build her accordingly. Not to mention, a new patch is getting ready to release that is changing how attack types/defense/resist function, so any build you get now is likely to change in the very near future.

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I primarily play on Everlasting, but you may occasionally find me on Indom. 🙂

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