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Power level adjustment bar


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Always wanted to see a way to adjust characters power level example:

a slide bar 1-10 each click down would cut power performance but also reduce endurance cost and lengthen timers. 
each click on the bar can also have a costume assigned to it. kind of like a transformation.  Think Freeza from dragon ball z. The system where a low level can be bumped up to join high level ranks is fine but for us high levels joining low levels would change so we dnt lose powers we just go down a few clicks on the bar to Match the content we are joining.  Keeping all the powers we have they just become weaker to match the levels that we are joining.  Or a slider 1-50 and can change costumes every 10. 

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I don't think that this is going to happen, but I do something like that.

I like making lots of costume variations, and I sometime do that based on what level the character is currently playing at.


Recently, I've been making an innocent bystander form.

I set-up a tray with my innocent bystander powers. I put in a tray-flip macro with a costume change emote that changes the character into their super form while changing to my main superhero tray load out (that has a toggle in that toggle to my 2nd superhero power tray. (This is in my main combat tray so I can transform/ 変身 (Henshin) on-the-fly if necessary)


Then I have two other costume change modes (at least, I generally make a lot of costumes for each character)

1) costume changes to bystander form and tray flips to the bystander tray  (this is non-combat and not in my main combat tray)

format :: /macro IB  "cce # ccemote$$goto_tray 9" (# = costume slot, ccemote = costume emote name)


2) This the same superhero change power that I have in my bystander combat tray (this is also non-combat and in the same tray as the non-combat bystander transformation)

format :: /macro Super "cce # ccemote$$goto_tray 1" (# = costume slot, ccemote = costume emote name)



ccbackflip cchowl ccevillaugh ccspin ccnuke cclightning ccprestochango ccdrinkformula ccsmokebomb ccninjaleap CCDimensionShift ccfurburst ccsalute ccvanguardsigil cccast ccsuperserum ccenergymorph ccrapidboil ccfeatherburst ccfurspin ccoilstrike ccpressurerelease cciceblock ccstoneblock ccfireworks ccpureenergy ccnuke ccmurderofcrows ccconfettithrow ccgiftburst ccinnerwill cclightmagic ccrainbow


Costume change emote won't trigger unless you change to a different costume slot from the one you are currently using.

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