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Mind Link/Link Minds adjustments


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3.828 seconds animation time, 2.828 seconds of which is just dead time until another power can be activated, 90 second duration and 300 second recharge time for all versions of Mind Link, which includes the dominator and sentinel Link Minds variant.  And NPCs.  And *PP pets.  And Lore pets.


Comparatively, we have a 2.244 second animation time, 120 second duration and 240 second recharge time for Farsight, which is a copy of Mind Link with +Perception and resistance to Perception debuffs substituted for Psi Res, and increased Defense and ToHit modifiers.


Mind Link/Link Minds really should use the 2.244 animation if it's locked at 90s duration, as maintaining it requires more frequent usage and makes it more likely to be activated mid-combat.  Alternatively, increasing the duration to correspond to Farsight's 120s would be appropriate, if the animation time won't be reduced, to achieve the same goal.


Mind Link/Link Minds also doesn't accept Endurance Reduction enhancements (Farsight does).  Players restricting themselves to SOs would appreciate having that option, since the endurance cost is on the high end (especially the *PP variants).


Sentinel Link Minds is using ranged tables (Ranged_Res_Dmg, Ranged_Buff_Def, Ranged_Buff_ToHit), all other variants use melee tables (Melee_Res_Dmg, Melee_Buff_Def, Melee_Buff_ToHit).

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